Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Rava Upma

In all types of upma, Rava Upma will have a special and unique taste. Either sweeten or salted it gives a good taste. Even Upma haters will like this Rava Upma. Its easy and quick to prepare. I will do experiments in Rava Upma like if i decided to have it with sugar, then i wont add salt while preparing. But Rava Upma,Curd and Lemon Pickle is an unbeatable combination. As per your taste you can also add vegetables but to enjoy the taste of rava prepare plain Rava Upma and enjoy. As i told already, you can prepare as sweet or salt version no problem it will get adjusted and gives a great taste.

Rava Upma recipe Ingredients:

Rava\Sooji\Semolina - 1 cup
Big Onion : 2 no's (chopped slice)
Red Chilies : 3 - 5 no's 
Curry Leaves : As required
Oil : As required 
Mustard Seeds : 1 tsp
Salt : To taste
Water : As required

Method :
1.Heat the plain kadai (pan) in low flame for less than a minute,to ensure there is no moisture. Roast the rava in low flame for 2 -3 min maximum do it carefully don't over roast it. Its colour should not change to brown. 
  2.Keep the ingredients ready. In a kadai (pan) heat oil and add mustard seeds let it splutter then add chopped big onion and red chilies fry still the raw smell leaves add curry leaves too. 
3.Once its saluted add required amount of water and salt. Let the water starts boil. 

4. Once the water starts boiling well make the flame low and add roasted rava keep stirring continuously.After 4 - 5 min it will become fluffy at this stage switch off the flame. 

Your Rava Upma is ready now.

Serve hot with curd and lemon pickle or with Sugar.


You can also add vegetables of your choice.
You can also use ghee instead of oil.
I used 2 tumbler's (medium sized) of rava, water quantity is 4 tumbler's (use the same tumbler which you used to measure rava). It served for 3 of us.
You feel water is required,then add 1/2 tumbler of  hot water at the time of stirring.
If oil is not sufficient you can add at last step while stirring the rava with water.
If you require salt then add while stirring.


  1. I like my upma with sugar. Though not a big upma fan I make it once a while a comforting dish it is right?

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    1. Yes. Its is easy cook and tasty to eat.

      Thank you Divya for considering my recipe and commenting back!! Please do visit often!!