Thursday, 23 July 2015

Idli Upma

Idli Upma is an excellent recipe with the leftover idli. In our home its totally opposite we make idli to prepare Idli Upma. Amma likes Idly, appa and me are dosa fan's but we both love this Idli Upma. Usually amma will make batter in morning's so the next day dinner will be surely Idli Upma. I always wonder how this Idli Upma gets more taste than Idli. Idli Upma is my all time favorite. I wont at all complaint to have it even for 3 times a day. It sounds unique because the bored idli will change into tasty upma in min's without more effort and ingredients. If you feel bored or feeling lazy to cook side dishes, you can make plain Idli  into tasty Idli Upma and enjoy. You can serve this Idli Upma in snacks time too.

Idli Upma Recipe Ingredients.

Leftover Idli : 4 no's
Big Onion : 1 big sized (finely chopped)
Green chilies : 1 or 2 no's (roughly chopped)
Curry Leaves : Few
Bengal Gram : 1 tbsp
Turmeric Powder : 2 tsp
Mustard Seeds : 1 tsp
Oil : As required
Salt : As per taste
Water : As required

Method :
1. Take the leftover Idli and water in a bowl.
2.Just place the Idli into the water and take out immediately. Don't soak it long time.  
3.Snooze out the water by pressing the idli well.
4.Now your leftover hard idli will becomes soft. Using your hand crumble the idli into mini pieces.Once it ready keep it aside.
5.Keep the ingredients ready. In a kadai (pan) heat oil and add mustard seeds and bengal gram let it splutter. Since we are adding bengal gram wait still the rubble's and ishu sound reduces keep in low flame to avoid burning. 
6.Add onion, little salt and turmeric powder fry still the raw smell leaves and colour changes, then add curry leaves and green chilies. 
 7.Once every thing is done add crumbled idli and mix well.

Now your Idli Upma is ready to eat.

Serve hot and enjoy the taste Idli Upma.

Generally Leftover Idli don't have that soft texture to make it soft the first 3 steps is carried out.
If you feel your Left over Idli are still soft then you can skip those 3 steps.
You can oil your hand before crumbling, so that i wont stick into fingers or hands.
Be careful while adding salt because already your leftover Idli has salt.
Splutter of bengal gram will take 30 sec in low flame. 
You can avoid turmeric powder so that your idli upma will looks white in colour.
You can also add finely chopped tomato. 
You can also use coconut oil for frying. 
You can also add 1 - 2 tsp of idli podi for a favor and different taste.  

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