Thursday, 23 July 2015

How to clean Kudal

Aatu Kudal - The Lamb Intestine is used to prepare Kudal Kulambu, because it gives a great taste. Making curry using Kudal is easy but cleaning it will take time. In cleaning process we have ensure that there is no smell and extras of kudal we actually get. This process includes many tips and we have to do it perfect to get properly cleaned aatu kudal. I could see many peoples who like and want eat Kudal Kulambu, but unfortunately they don't to clean it properly. Hope this post will be useful for those who want to make Kudal Kulambu in home.My dad is expert in cleaning Kudal, he teaches mom and I learnt it from her. But for the post I asked my mom to clean and i clicked the pictures.  

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1.Start with keeping hot water. Take the Kudal in wide pan or bowl.
2. Pour required amount of normal water still it immerse, rinse well with your hands and snooze out the entire water and keep in another bowl. Repeat this step for 2 - 3 times using normal water.
3.While doing it 3 time water will look clear. Take in hand and press well.You will really feel the difference for the first time and 3rd time. Keep in mind you have to rinse well.
4. Mean while the water will get hot. Pour the hot water into the Kudal and add little rock salt or normal powdered salt. Water should be really hot.
5.Close with the lid. It has be tightly closed for about 10 min or still the steam releases. Now your Kudal is cleaned and there wont be more smell.
6. Usually Kudal will have pasta shaped meat and others too. In the above steps the pasta shaped meat is cleaned and on whole the smell will be reduced. Now we have to clean the remaining.The woolen like layer will be there in Kudal take that pieces alone and remove it as shown in pics. Do it for all the remaining.

Now your Aatu Kudul is cleaned and ready to cook.

Don't skip to wash with hot water
Don't use hot water for entire process.
Before hot water washing step, rinse well for 2 -3 times in normal water.
You can also add turmeric powder while adding salt, its optional.
Muton Intestine will have more of woolen like layer so clean it properly. 
You have to take out woolen like layer completely in all the pieces. If anything left out it wont taste good in Kudal Kulambu.

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