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Coconut Poli - Sweet Flat bread

Today is a special day for me and my blog. My blog became one month old. Thank you all for supporting me.It was like just started, but crossed 30 days. I am happy.I can cook in confidence. Now a day’s many around us know me as good cook also. I am new to cooking and I learned cooking pretty recently. I love it a lot. I find time rarely to cook because I step out home by morning 8 and reach back by night 9 after completing my office and evening college. My parents are so supportive towards my cooking and blogging interest. One fine morning Appa said to learn cooking because it will be useful for my future ;-) and I started cooking because I love and respect my Appa.

We used to discuss about cooking in office. Before and all I won’t show much interest towards that but after I stared cooking, one of my colleague guided me to start a food blog and now it was successful 30 days. To celebration it I taught doing a sweet and that ends with Coconut Poli. 

Today is Ramzon. This is not only the festival of Muslims all of us will be expecting this day, especially to eat nice Briyani. Apart from Briyani they will prepare sweets and Payasam. Their special sweet on this day will be Coconut Poli. I dint planned and prepared it I just prepared and it became special. I joined my present on company on Bakrid and my blog’s first month comes on Ramzon, both are not planned it just happened. So this Coconut Poli is to celebrate both Ramzon and my blog’s first month birthday.

I am very happy to share Coconut Poli recipe to everyone. Just give a try and enjoy the taste of Coconut Poli and Ramzon. “Eid Mubarak”.

Usually I will drink the coconut water, my mom will take and keep it safe for me. But while preparing for this when my mom break the coconut and gave the water, i dint feel to drink instead i felt to use for this recipe at that time i realized, " I have grown up, 22 years now, not a kid". Ok I don't want to bore you lets go into the recipe. 

Coconut Poli (Sweet Flat bread) recipe Ingredients:

For the Coconut Pooranam (Stuffing):
Grated Coconut – 1 cup 
Grated Jaggery – 1 1/4 cups
Cardamom – 3 to 5 no’s
Almond – 3 to 5 no’s (optional)
Cashew nuts – 3 to 5 no’s (optional)
Sesame seeds (Ellu) – 1 tsp (optional) – I used black ellu, you can also use white ellu

For the dough (Poornam Wrap):
Maida – 1 1/2 cups
Oil  – as required
Water - as required - I used coconut water
Oil / Ghee - as required for toasting

Method : 
1.Lets start with the Poornam Wrap (dough). In a wide blow take Maida, add water little by little. At the picture 2 stage stop water and add oil. So that dough is made by using both water and oil. Kneed well and make a round. It should be a soft dough. 
2.Make the ingredients ready. Using a vegetable grater, grate jaggery and coconut should also be grated. 
3.Take Cardamom,Almond,Cashew nuts,Sesame seeds fry for 1 - 2 min in low flame to make sure there is no moisture and grind it to a fine powder.  
4.Heat a Pan (Kadai), add graded coconut and fry for a minute then add graded jaggery, fry it in a low flame still the aroma comes out.
5.Once the frying over cool down,add the fine powder prepared in step 3 and mix it well.
6.After mixing grind it using a Mixer Grinder. Don't grind to a paste consistency. It should be in coarse texture.
 7.Now your Coconut Pooranam and Madia Dough is ready. Take a polythene cover and fold it. Make the dough and pooranam into small balls. Make sure that pooranam balls should be little smaller than dough balls. As we did it for Aloo Chapathi .
8. Grease your hand and polythene cover with oil. Take dough ball and place in the center of polythene cover, press gently.
  9.At the center of dough place a  pooranam ball and fold all the sides to the center.
10.Flip the ball downwards and press gently with your hand. If needed means apply oil in between.You can also keep the polythene cover down and use your fist to flat it.
 11. Heat the dosa tawa, carefully place the poli, drizzle oil and cook it both sides until brown spots appear. It will come as poori.

 Now your Coconut Poli - Sweet Flat bread is ready to eat.

It tastes good, when its hot.

If you are planing to serve later, heat with oil before eating.

Video : How to stuff and make Coconut Poli ready.

The video shows my first try of Coconut Poli. I did 6 Poli the last one came out too good than first. But when I do it time is nearly 10 PM so no one there to help me capture the video. My dad helped to this video, so i put this. Next time when i do,surely i will update the better one.

Since we are using Coconut, try to eat on the same day. If refrigerated it can stay well for 2 days. But heat it lightly before eating
Instead of oil, you can also use ghee for the whole process.
While grinding make sure it is in coarse texture (not like paste). Tip: You can run for 30 sec and check. Likewise you can check in between at little time intervals.
You can also use only water or only oil to make dough.
Using nuts is purely optional but don't avoid Cardamom,because it gives a nice aroma while cooking and eating too. Don't over fry the nuts.   
You can add sesame seeds without grinding also. 
If you are using oil or ghee, use generously. 
Use Oil generously.  


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