Monday, 15 June 2015

Pirkanga Chutney (Ridge Gourd)

Pirkanga Chutney is my favorite recipe from my mom's hand. This is very easy to cook and yummy side dish for dosa and Idly. It goes well with wheat recipes also. This is my mom's tricky recipe to make me eat the vegetables.

Pirkanga Chutney recipe Ingredients:

Ridge Gourd (Pirkanga) : 1 cup (chopped in cube size)
Tomato : 3/4 cup (chopped in cube size)
Potato : 2/3 cup (chopped in cube size)
Big Onion : 1/2 cup (finely chopped)
Red Chilly : 6 nos (cut roughly into pieces)
Oil : 3 tbsp
Water : 2 cup
Mustard seeds : 3/4 tsp

Method :
1.Keep the ingredients ready. 
2.In a cooker (i used 2 L) heat oil and add mustard seeds let it splutter then add finely chopped big onion and red chilies fry still the raw smell leaves and colour changes then add the remaining vegetables (Ridge Gourd, potato and tomato). 
3. Add salt and water. Close the lid for 6 whistle. 
4.Sometime after the whistle comes open the cooker, transfer the vegetables (with water) into another vessel and drain the water (Note: Retain the water for further use)  
5. Now using Mathu mash the vegetables. 
Mathu Picture :

Video : 

Now the chutney is ready to eat. Transfer into serving bowl 

Serve hot with Idly or Dosa. 


    The retained water is a good source of vitamins and minerals of the vegetables, you can drink it has soup.
    According to your expected consistency you can add water.
    Instead of red chilly you can also use green chilly.  
    Whistle count is purely depends upon your cooker. Tips: I used to off flame when ever no water  drains out from the cooker when the whistle comes. 
    Instead of Ridge Gourd, you can also use Brinjal.  

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