Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Egg Pepper Cake

Few days before it became so much tough to make my little thambu eat egg. In what ever form we egg give he wont eat. By that time my mind hits with this idea "Egg Pepper Cake" my thambu is huge fan of hot and spicy dish so i decided to add Pepper and make it spicy for him.He liked it and now it was bit easier to feed egg to him.He is just a 2 years kid so I did with 2 egg's according to your need you can increase the number of egg's. He is our fav thambu he had this Egg Pepper Cake well so I am happy with the recipe and so I am happily sharing it for you all.

Egg Pepper Cake is a nice evening snack and kids will luv it... 

Egg Pepper Cake recipe Ingredients: 

Egg : 2 no's
Pepper Powder : 1 tbsp 
Salt : 1/2 tbsp 
Water : As Needed 

1.Keep the Ingredients ready.
2.In a bowl break open the egg's,add Pepper Powder and Salt and mix it well using a spoon. 

3.Grease oil in an aluminium pan (i used my tea pan) and pour this mixture. 
4.In a cooker pour water, place the aluminium pan, close with a plate and finally close the cooker with cooker lid. 

5.Allow it to cook for 10 min. After that insert a tooth pick to check the egg cooking stage. If nothing stick with the tooth pick means then the egg is cooked. 
  6.At this stage turn off the flame and take the pan out. Using a knife cut into pieces and take the pieces out carefully. 

Now the Egg Pepper Cake is ready.

Serve hot as an evening snack. As my thambu loved it all the kids will love it. 

      Instead of aluminum pan, you can also use good grade non stick pan.
      Don't add water of milk into mixture because it will spoil the texture.
      According to your spice level you can increase or decrease the pepper powder.    
      Instead of mixing it in bowl, you can also use whisk or run in mixer grinder for 30 sec.