Friday, 7 August 2015

Pazham Pori - Ethakka Appam - Ripe Plantain Fritters

Pazham Pori is my favorite Kerala recipe. Usually Kerala cuisine will have an unique taste, among all the Kerala recipes Pazham Pori is the most I love. It is also known as Ethakka Appam or Ripe Plantain Fritters.
One busy morning in office I took tea break and had Pazham Pori with Coffee in near by tea shop, that is the first time I tasted Pazham Pori from that point I became fan for this. What a awesome combination. You will feel fulled for a long time. If you are bored with our usual bajji's, just try this Pazham Pori and enjoy the taste.

To make Pazham Pori, Nethra Palam is used. When I planned to make Pazham Pori, I bought Nethra Palam and kept  for nearly 10 days. Since the matured Nethra Palam gives good taste. The outer layer should turn black colour. To say the truth if we see black coloured banana we will feel that it was not good to eat but it is totally opposite in  Nethra Palam. The black coloured Nethra Palam only gives great taste.

I know it was long time i have not updated my blog, because i was held up with my project work in college. Yesterday evening my first project review got over. I prepared this and packed to college, after a horrible review excellent Pazham Pori filled all our stomach.

Pazham Pori - Ethakka Appam - Ripe Plantain Fritters  Recipe Ingredients. 

Nethra Palam - 2 no's
Maida – 1 cup
Rice Flour - 2 tbsp
Cumin Seeds - 2 tsp
Cumin Powder - 1 tsp (optional)
Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp (optional)
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Salt -  half pinch (optional)
Oil  – as required 
Water - as required 
Oil - as required 

Method : 
1. Peal the banana's, cut into two halves. Again cut into slices. As shown in below picture. 
2. In a wide bowl take Maida, Rice Flour, Cumin Seeds, Cumin Powder, Sugar, Salt, Turmeric Powder and salt. Add water little by little and mix well. It has be in dosa batter consistency. 
3. Now your batter and banana's are ready. Take a piece of banana and dip both sides well into the batter.
 4. Mean while heat oil in a pan (kadai), carefully place the dipped banana into the oil and turn it after a min. Fry still the ishu sound stops and bubbles reduced. Take out and drain it.

Now your Pazham Pori is ready to eat.

Serve hot with Tea or Coffee.

Concentrate on the batter consistency. It should not be too watery.
You can make it will Rice Flour alone so that it will be so crispy.
Adding baking soda is optional.
Instead of cutting banana's into half, you can straightly cut vertically.
Instead of Turmeric Powder, you can also add any yellow colouring agent.
Be careful while placing the banana's into oil and frying it.
You can also use coconut oil or ghee for frying. 

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  1. I love pazham pori so much.. especially the ones we get in Palakkad railway station is so chunky and tasty