Monday, 14 August 2017

Ragi Vada - Finger Millet Patty - Kelvaragu Vada

Finally an unhealthy, tasty food eating girl married to a healthy food eating family, hence my first post after marriage is a healthy protein rich recipe "Ragi Vada - Finger Millet Patty - Kelvaragu Vada". Follows health benefits of Ragi Vada - Finger Millet Patty - Kelvaragu Vada. 

Health benefits of Ragi: 
  •   Helps in Weight Loss
  •   Increases Bone Strength 
  •   Controls Diabetes
  •   Good Source of Protein and Amino Acids
  •   Reduces Cholesterol  
  •   Aids Relaxation  
  •   Treats Anemia
  •   Helps Digestion
  •   Increases Lactation
  •   Reverts Skin Aging  
Source : The Fit

The good cook inside us will die in front our MIL - It happened to me also. Thought I didn't cook and learn any new recipe in the past  two years I had a confidence in my cooking but it all got totally changed during my first attempt in my MIL home. So currently I am under training to understand my MIL's cooking process and taste of rest. Here comes "Ragi Vada - Finger Millet Patty - Kelvaragu Vada" prepared by MIL.

Ragi Vada - Finger Millet Patty - Kelvaragu Vada  Recipe Ingredients 

Ragi flour or Finger Millet flour or Kelvaragu flour : 1 cup
Roasted gram (Pottu kadalai) : 1/4 cup
Big Onion : 2 medium sized (Finely chopped)
Green Chilli : 5 no's (Finely chopped)
Curry Leaves : Few (Finely chopped)
Garlic : 5 no's (Finely chopped)
Oil :  for frying Vada's
Salt : as per taste 

Method : 
1. Grind the roasted gram (pottu kadalai) coarsely. Just give a quick  grind  to make sure it is not fine.
Keep the rest of ingredients ready.

2. In a wide bowl add Ragi flour or Finger Millet flour or Kelvaragu flour, coarsely grinded roasted gram, onions, green chilli, curry leaves, garlic and salt sprinkle little water and mix well.  It should be crumbly to make vada.
Mean while heat oil in a pan (kadai), make lemon or small sized balls out of the mixture, pat them on your palm as thin as possible or in medium thickness.
Slowly drop them in the hot oil. Be careful while doing this step, drop along the sides of the pan.
 3. Fry still the ishu sound stops and bubbles reduced. By the time it will turn to golden brown colour.  Take out and drain it. If your pan is wide, you can add few more patties to fry.

 Now your Ragi Vada - Finger Millet Patty - Kelvaragu Vada is ready  to eat. 

Serve with tea or coffee or enjoy plain as we did !! 

As Ragi Vada - Finger Millet Patty - Kelvaragu Vada is having more health benefits and tasty to eat, try including it every now and then.

 Notes :
Concentrate on the batter consistency. Don't add too much of water, it should be crumbly.
Depends upon the ball size, your patty thickness will differ.
Heat oil in the medium flame.
Don't over press the patty, it may break into pieces while frying.
If you think batter is watery then roll the dough in the paper towel and keep it aside for some time.
Peanuts, Ginger and rice flour is option.
You can also fry the vada's in coconut oil.